Metglobal, conquering e-commerce technologies
Metglobal is a world leading technology powerhouse that aims to provide individuals and businesses with simplified experiences that improve productivity through multiple online effectiveness tools. At Metglobal, we believe in overachieving and innovation, thus use the most intelligent tools there are in all that we do. Since the very beginning, we have captured opportunities to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Unlimited Possibilities = Unstoppable Expansion
Metglobal houses a variety of brands in their portfolio established in online travel and travel related technologies allowing our partners to operate in over 190 countries and territories across the globe with an inventory of over 200.000 hotels and 20.000 destinations. Metglobal offers its partners services that add value to their businesses. These include travel related software platforms and payment solutions.

Promising Future
In 2014, Metglobal’s network of partners spanned across all continents with more than 20,000 partner agencies, 83 local franchise agencies, more than 5000 xml connections. The group reached over a million bookings and 4 million room night sales in 2014.

It all started with Özaltun founding The Ambassador Hotel in 1998. This was followed by the launch of the first local independent hotel reservation system in Turkey; “All Star Hotels”, followed by the launch of the first travel travel website, “gulliverstravel.com.tr” with an inventory of discount hotels and tour packages in Turkey and neighbouring countries. In order to improve global presence, the company expanded first to Los Angeles, CA and then to New York, NY where Metglobal’s US offices are still located. In 2004, otel.com was launched as a B2C travel website, followed by the change of the group name to Metglobal.

The process accelerated from there, in 2005 tatil.com launched as the first OTA in Turkey and HotelsPro reached 7000 partner travel agencies worldwide. Continuing on, Metglobal improved their talent pool to 60+ employees and revenues €54M in total sales. The success included the first XML link to HotelsPro database that year. To further increase their global presence, Metglobal opened new offices in Kuala Lumpur and India, reaching up to 120+ employees.

In order to accommodate and manage employee space, Metglobal moved to the new headquarters in Yildiz Technical University campus where an investment was made for 300+ employees and in leading edge software platforms and a cloud based infrastructure. In 2014, ATB Holidays, a marketplace for travel related services, was acquired and rebranded as Metglobal DMC. This was followed by Paytrek’s launch to offer payment processing and payment services. An important addition to the group was Inspectroom, which became live as a web-based business intelligence platform.

Metglobal’s international operations and global reach were further expanded in 2015 with new offices in Dubai, running global operations for the MEA region. Finally, gezi.com was launched as a travel search, review and comparison website.

Metglobal houses a young and talented staff of over 500 people working around the clock to serve partners across the globe in offices in Istanbul, New York and Dubai.

Metglobal aims to improve the lives of the people they touch with intelligent technology and impeccable customer service at all times for various brands to achieve great results for our customers. We empower people with simplified solutions through innovation. We always strive to become the global leader of the industry with exceptional growth.

We always look for opportunities to exceed customer expectations. Anticipation and data analysis are two crucial processes to consider when innovating. Constant improvement and growth has always been an important aspect for Metglobal.

We are not afraid of change, instead it is a belief. Our company keeps track of trends to stay one step ahead of our competitors. Our hand-picked teams are curious to explore new ideas and our company culture inspires passion for technology.

Metglobal’s leadership mindset is encouraged through teams that are result and success driven. Our company allows teamwork and is aims to become a solutions partner that only think of the best interest of their clients.

Creativity, imagination and creation are the core ideologies of our firm. Metglobal always seeks out opportunities to become more competitive in the field. We make our processes more efficient, simpler and linear as much as possible.