We are truly global with an expanding team of 500+ employees across Istanbul, London, Orlando, FL, Dubai, Shanghai, Cancun and Barcelona.

At Metglobal, we put our best efforts to accomplish our goals! Accomplishing goals sometimes requires thinking out-of-the-box and leaving your comfort zone. New ideas, tools and technology are encouraged here. If you have a bright idea, you are welcomed to knock some doors and explain yourself. You will surely be listened! There is no hierarchy in that sense.

We are a technology company, working in the travel domain. We are pioneers and change is everlasting here. As we continue to grow, initiators, hard workers and employees who can adapt to fast-changes continue working happily here.

We always stay on top of new technologies and tools. We continuously work on improving our knowledge, follow latest trends and add value.

We don’t believe in bureaucracy. We believe in leaders, setting the best work environment for their team and providing continuous feedback to them.

Teamwork makes great work. We believe all of us are responsible for our mistakes and achievements. We do mistakes but we look back and correct them with goodwill. We don’t hide our mistakes, we ask for ideas from our team members and from other teams. We are ambitious and hardworking, as we believe we can only succeed as a team.

We always keep in mind that the purpose of our existence in this company is to create a success story for the company and for ourselves.

Join us for a challenging world.
We welcome talents to continue our journey.

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